Martin McCormick

Owner/Head Coach

Martin grew up with a love of sports and has always maintained a healthy lifestyle.  He and his wife found CrossFit over two years ago and have finally found a sport that combines multiple areas of fitness to achieve maximum results.  Even more importantly, CrossFit has provided an outstanding community. This is a huge part of CrossFit and one of the many reasons Martin is excited to bring CrossFit to Mount Pleasant.  Martin leads by example, and wants to help any member, at any fitness level, improve their quality of life through health and fitness. Martin is married to owner and head coach, Chelsy McCormick.  They are members of first Baptist Church in Pittsburg, where Martin volunteers with the youth and volunteers his time in various areas of the church.  He is excited to share his love of CrossFit and expand the CrossFit community in Titus county and the surrounding areas.

CrossFit Level-1 Trainer Certificate

Chelsy McCormick   

Owner/Head Coach

Chelsy is ready to serve Mount Pleasant and surrounding areas in health and fitness, with the opening of CrossFit TiCo.  She has always made health and fitness an important part of her life, however, she has found that CrossFit is her passion. She wants to use that passion to help her community in their health and fitness goals, regardless of their current fitness level. Chelsy began CrossFit six weeks after having her son, Bracton, at CrossFit Longview and has never looked back.  She is married to owner and head coach, Martin, and they have two daughters, Presley and Hartley, and one son, Bracton.  She has been a dental hygienist for almost a decade, so health and preventative health has always been at the forefront of her mind.  She is ecstatic about bringing the great community of her former home gym, CrossFit Longview, to Mount Pleasant and can't wait to get started.

CrossFit Level-1 Trainer Certificate

Kauhi Adcock

Assistant Coach

Kauhi has always loved physical activities through sports, hiking, surfing, and martial arts. His CrossFit journey began in January 2016 where he immediately found something that pushed him and put him in an environment to support others.  Like his experiences in the military, he found that CrossFit not only brings out competitiveness, but also creates teamwork.  Kauhi wants to help people on the physical fitness journey.  He enjoys promoting the positives of CrossFit through proper technique training and helping others feel great about themselves both physically and mentally. Kauhi and his wife Brandie live in Pittsburg, Tx and are excited to be a part of CrossFit TiCo!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate

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