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New to CrossFit

Well you're in the right place....

We welcome people of all sorts to join our gym. Want to start getting healthier, lose weight, gain muscle, create a new routine for yourself or your family? Well CrossFit is the perfect place to do that.

We offer a free introductory one-on-one on-ramp course. What's this? It is a one hour course where we will show you many of the movements you will see in a CrossFit class. At the end of the hour we will complete a short workout.  

From here, we invite you to try one of our regular scheduled classes. Once you have learned most of our movements, you can join in on a class and get a true CrossFit experience.


As with each workout, we offer scaling of every movement for any level of athlete. Ring rows to pull ups or step ups to box jumps - our coaches will help ​you to get the proper scaling option to give you the best workout for your ability level.

If you decide to join us, we would love to have you. As time goes on, you will see so much progress during your journey. From conquering a box jump to getting your first pull up, you will be thrilled by the things that your body is capable of.

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