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Our Team.

Emily Hunt

Emily is a Special Education Teacher who was born and raised in Plano, TX where she played all the sports— her favorite sport being gymnastics. She played soccer and volleyball at Frisco High School where she graduated. From there, she went on to play collage soccer until she broke her shin and was introduced to CrossFit.

Emily has great parents and two amazing nephews, of whom she adores! She has been in CrossFit for 13 years and has loved every minute of it! The community is her favorite thing about coaching. She also enjoys being able to witness all of the progress and the excitement when people reach their goals.


Emily says her favorite thing about CrossFit is that she absolutely loves how motivating and encouraging everyone is. Also, all of the wonderful relationships she's made.... Friends who have turned into family.

The thing that gets her up in the morning is coffee! She loves her coffee!

Bachelor of Science - Recreational Therapy

CrossFit Level One

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