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Our Team.

Heather Barboza

Heather is originally from DeSoto, TX and moved to Mt. Pleasant in 2003 during high school.


Her friends and family are everything to her. They are supportive of her crazy shenanigans, especially her husband, Coach Jaime, who will often act as her “partner in crime” so to speak. She loves fellowship and meeting new people, and has the gift of making just about anyone laugh.


Heather works at Higginbotham and Associates as an account manager in the commercial lines department; she has been there for 5 years and loves her job. Heather handles our social media, photography, videography, and website at TiCo. She says “There’s just something about capturing difficult and victorious moments that make it all worthwhile”.

She has been doing CrossFit for 4.5 years and has been coaching 2 years.


Heather’s favorite thing about CrossFit is the amazing community. She loves building relationships with the people at TiCo and encourages them work harder to discover their hidden potential.


Heather’s favorite thing about coaching are the dynamics. Each class is different, so she loves continuously learning something new.


When asking her what gets her up in the morning: “What gets me up in the morning is Jesus. His mercies are new everyday and when I remember that (some days are hard) it’s time to grind with Him by my side.” 

Bachelor of Science - Information Technology

CrossFit Level One

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