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Our Team.

Mary McGill

Mary worked almost 12 years as a career firefighter at the rank of Fire Engineer with the Bakersfield City Fire Department in California and was a part of the PT Cadre for the department’s recruit academy. She left her career behind to give her full attention to her family and home.


Fitness has been a part of her journey for most of her life, saying that “It has been intertwined with who I am from a young age, my survival tool. From fighting wildfires in the mountains of California, to running marathons, back packing on the PCT, personal training and rehabilitation, and doing anything that feeds the dog in me, I’m in!!”


Mary was introduced to CrossFit a few years back, and thoroughly enjoys how it tests the body’s ability’s in a multifaceted way. Acquiring her CrossFit level 1 in early 2022 has allowed her to share her passion of challenging ourselves to grow in a capacity that we never thought possible.


She is a self motivated learner, always pursuing a variety of certifications to expand her personal knowledge in holistic nutrition and most anything to better and/or challenge herself physically, mentally and spiritually.

“It’s not what you’re capable of, it’s what you’re willing to do!!” is her motto!

CrossFit Level One

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