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Our Team.

Susan Agnew

Susan was born in Washington State where she lived for over 20 years prior to moving to Texas with Ryan, where they started building a life and having kids. Fast forward to 2016– Susan was at the hospital in labor with kid #3, when Ryan took a break to get in a quick workout at TiCo. Thankfully, he was called off the rower and didn’t miss the delivery, but it was clear evidence of the sparked passion of CrossFit in the Agnew household.


In April of 2021, the opportunity became available to purchase TiCo. The Agnews took it over with zeal in their hearts to create a place where people felt safe to pursue their fitness goals. In the midst of its growth, her heart remains steadfast in the development of our people— for their mental, physical, and emotional growth through their CrossFit journey. If you ask her how she ended up in this position at TiCo, you’ll hear her say that “her husband bought her a job”. She’s just kidding though— she knows that it’s her mission field and she loves being a part of such an awesome part of so many people’s lives.

CrossFit Level One

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