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Our Team.

Taylor Agnew

Taylor was born in Washington, but has lived in Mt. Pleasant for most of his life. He recently met the love of his life and is engaged to be married in April of 2024.


He is our technical guru— enjoying gaming, playing the guitar, and messing around with computers and other electronics; He has also immersed himself in jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, and Krav Maga. Taylor has been involved with CrossFit since TiCo opened in 2016.


Taylor’s favorite thing about coaching is helping people to overcome challenges and improve their skills over time.


Taylor says “My favorite thing about CrossFit is the speed of it. I enjoy being able to crank out a quick, but efficient workout, which gives me more time for other daily activities”.


What get’s him up in the morning? “The possibility to learn something new everyday is what gets me excited to get up in the morning.” — Taylor

CrossFit Level One

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