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Our Team.

Will Scoggins

Will was born and raised in Mt Pleasant, Graduated from MPHS in 1999, and achieved a BS in Agricultural Business from Sam Houston State University. He’s been married to Laurin Carney Scoggins since 2004 and has 3 kids: Claire, Tess, and Witt Scoggins.


He has accomplished some wild things in his day, such as being a PRCA Steer wrestler from 2005-2018, and acts as a professional Auctioneer/ Ringman from 2009-present. He enjoys coaching his kids softball, baseball, basketball and football.


Will is one of our original members of CrossFit TiCo— from 2016-present.

Will says, “I love it that CrossFit makes you better at everything in life! It makes you a better spouse, dad, athlete, employee, and overall person. Without your health, mobility, and functional fitness that CrossFit teaches, it is hard to be good at the things I’ve listed above. Also, I love the community that comes with it!”.

CrossFit Level One

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